Welcome to FG Group International

We have a Worldwide VisionWe are FG Group

The name of the company FG Group  is associated with The Quality Of Life.The secret of our success is the complexity and Quality of our Services.We feel obligated against consumers and our partners, so we put all our efforts in order to guarantee the quality of our products and services.

Our Basic Sectors

Investments in Industry
Funding in the Production
Special Products
Medical supplies
Innovative product lines
Raw materials

The Company is engaged with the Food Trade and with the Processing of Agricultural Products has divided its activities into seven types of business


FG Group  is a direct representative of large scale medical supply factories in China, assisting to manage large scale industrial production. As direct representatives of Chinese production groups, FG Group has the ability to handle large scale transactions assisting groups of factories in the diversification of the supply chain as well as handling the complexities of large scale production workflows.

A new joint collaboration with Voyager, formally known as Voyager FG Group JV, enables and facilitates successful and efficient international procurement and trade in the following sectors:

Voyager FG Group JV has the ability to handle large-scale transactions, assisting groups of factories in the diversification of the supply chain and handling the complexities of high-volume production workflows.